September 15, 2018


  There is always a good reason to wear a dress at the end of spring: Marriage, baptism, communion, family or professional event etc. For each of these occasions a certain type of dress will do more than another. Problem, we never really know what type will do the trick ..

  If you have an important event in the evening, be it a wedding or a party, you should consider a different dress for every occasion. If you're looking for a fashionable, youthful dress and dress designs that fit your personality, do not miss out on our "great" tips for choosing the party dress that's right for you.


  The most important factor when choosing a party dress is the color of your skin. Girls with white skin look brighter with bright colors such as reds, oranges, roses, violets or blues. For the brightest skins, we recommend pastel, navy, white or light gray and soft colors.

Split Back Ruffle Trim Overlap Front Belted V-Neck Dress 


  Every girl looks for comfort as the basis of her look. Before choosing your dress, try it (that goes for it) and if you buy online, make sure you get the size and measurements, especially if you are looking for fitted dresses, corsets or pronounced necklines.


  A dress for every occasion, depending on the event, you can choose a long model, knee, short or maxi. Meditate your choice, a beach dress is totally different from a long sequined dress at the level of the feeling and the final rendering. For weddings, the long dress is your ally No. 1, if you attend a baptism opt instead for a dress at the knee.

  Try to adapt to the reception area and crowd. A religious ceremony requires modesty, an evening on the private beach of your best friend (you have the right to dream no but) requires something lighter, fresher. If you go to an exhibition opening, try a modern dress see avant-garde. An evening, in a chic restaurant (with your lover for example) ?, then you are rather free, but do not fall in the vulgar, do not forget, neckline or mini dress but never both together.

Open Back Plunge Sequins Cami Dress Plunge Neck Crisscross Back High Slit Wrap Cami Dress


  The theme of the event impacts directly on the choice of dress, if you go to a diploma for example, you can choose a dress more casual, but if you go to a wedding, you must remember that the center of the Attention must be the bride. Generally in casual parties such as baptisms or birthdays, dress codes are more open, so you can give more personality and freedom to your look.

  In marriage, the white is reserved for the groom so to avoid, black refers to the mourning so not great either. Remember that your old aunts will certainly be there, go your way on dresses too sexy to spare their modesty or spare you from their comments.

  So keep your little black dress for a vernissage where we hope you will have the opportunity to abuse petits fours and champagne, yum!

 Deep V-neck Satin Bodycon Midi Dress Flounce One Shoulder Form Fitting Mini Dress


  If you want to be comfortable with your evening dress, take the weather and the environment into consideration. If it's a winter event, opt for a warm dress in velvet or satin material. In the case of an evening on the beach, we assume that it's summer, opt for a fluid dress that allows your skin to breathe and be fresh, the chiffon is at the top.

Burgundy Velvet Maxi Backless Dress Elegant Sequined Maxi Dress


  Choosing a party dress is not easy, between color, size, opportunity and weather, it can even be a little painful. Take the time to determine what makes you feel good about yourself and which styles you feel most comfortable with, the most important thing is to be comfortable in order to take full advantage of event.

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